Topnotch Advantages

Five Ways TOPNOTCH Can Help Your Company Grow.

  1. We Supply Only Quality People. We offer only reliable, experienced staff whenever or wherever you need it – 24 hours a day. Our temps are proven performers with solid backgrounds showing good work ethics. Every temp has completed WHMIS training so you get staff that are ready, willing and qualified to work safely at any task.
  2. We Save You Money. We cover all administration and personnel costs. No need to place ads or to spend costly hours screening and interviewing either, we’ve done that for you. You can also avoid increased payroll costs by utilizing our services only as required.
  3. We Save You Time. Whatever your needs, we can supply suitable staff quickly. Most positions can be filled immediately, without delay. You get the help you need, as soon as you need it.
  4. We Solve Your Staffing Problems. Why hire full-time for a special project or seasonal rush? With our capable, hard-working temps, you get the production boost you require, without being saddled with full-time payroll costs.
  5. We Make It Easy To Hire Full-Time. The best way to find full-time employees is to view them in action, beforehand. With TOPNOTCH, there no release policy you can hire any one of our temps, at any time, without restrictions of any kind –GUARANTEED!

Our current business practice is aresult of 25 years of adaptability and changes for various clients.

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